More To Come...

Every day we experience a different “level”. This level is simply a score of, not only how good you may feel emotionally, personally, spirituality, etc… but a conglomerate total of your complete mind, body, and spirit. This “level” can be used to help explain a plethora of social interactions between individuals, but it can also shed light on obtaining an absolute value of ‘oneness’ and complete motivation individually. This level when compared to someone else’s level can help explain some crucial miscommunications and other fundamental psycho-sociological behaviors and interactions that may impact our life outcomes.

These levels can range anywhere from -100 to a +100, so there is a range of 200 points to enumerate from any waking point in your life. So what exactly is your level? That is the question that must be analyzed and carefully researched. There are so many direct and indirect factors that influence our behavior and our overall mood/feelings, that we must categorize some key components and generate a sum of overall “level”.

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